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    If you’re like our clients, you are starting to experience pressure to reduce your exposure to mounting internal security threats as users increasingly access corporate data from both on and off your network.


    Specifically, Kaizen will make you feel at ease, unlocking strategies you can implement along with software that will limit accountability on your business and your executives. And I wonder if you have already begun to notice the fact that protecting internal data is protection of your job…


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  • Monitor Cell Phone Messages & Know What’s Leaving Your Organization with Mobile Monitor.


    Mobile Monitor shows you date, time, subject, sender and receiver of every email & text from your organization’s mobile devices. You also have full visibility into App usage, Photos, calls, emails, SMS messages, websites, even track and geolocate a device!


  • Archive & Search All Corporate Email & Social Media.

    Intradyn’s Email Archiving solution accepts journaled email directly from your email system—meaning each element of your email —header, body, attachments — is digitally signed, archived, and deduplicated to ensure content integrity. The search engine uses an inverted index technology to quickly and accurately access any or all emails.


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